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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 2:11 am 
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The world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is full of adventure and opportunity. There are vast regions of the world that have yet to be mapped out, and dungeons and ruins that have yet to be looted... er... explored. Additionally, the world is full of dangers. Bandits stalk the edges of civilization, and disasters might strike, placing innocents in danger. These need to be rescued.

Much of this work is performed by groups of adventurers.

Teams and Missions
Many teams operate out of a specific hub, usually a large city, like the Ancient City within the Hidden Lands, and Storms End within Tallgrass Fields for example. Teams typically act in groups of 2-6, though the actual teams size might be much larger (some of the more famous teams have 100+ members and function more like guilds than actual teams).

Teams are typically composed a wide variety of Pokemon, so as to provide a wide selection of abilities and talents.

The world is not a peaceful place, no matter the era. In the Time of Turmoil, disasters strike frequently, destroying cities and creating hordes of refugees, while bandits and outlaws exploit and attack them for their own gain. In other eras, disasters aren't as frequent, but outlaws are still a problem.

Other times, new dungeons and ruins are discovered, or expeditions set out to map mysterious locations. Vast portions of the world have yet to be explored, and their existence can only be theorized at.

Missions typically fall into one of two types. Rewards are as appropriate for the missions level.

Rescue missions involve assisting others, whether it's hunting down outlaws, or saving innocents from a disaster. The client is typically a friend or family member of the victim, posting a bill for their safe return. In the case of outlaws, public bounties are usually posted.

Exploration missions are less frequent, at least in the more populated areas. The Windswept Plains and the Hidden Lands have been mapped out extensively and most locations are known (though occasionally new ruins might be unearthed). The Badlands, Glittering Desert, and Shadowlands have been explored significantly less, and very little is know about the Desert of Dreams or the Howling Jungle. An Exploration mission does not typically come with a reward it's self, however ruins are typically full of valuable treasures, and the rules are typically finders keepers.



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