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Rules of the Setting


Postby Dragonexx » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:43 am

Dragonexx wrote:These were made for the Toa class though Kanohi function for most creatures able to wear masks. Note: Nuva applies to the 10th level class feature of the Toa. Not relevant for most creatures.

Kanohi Masks:
Kanohi masks are legendary masks that grant their wielder special powers depending on the type of mask. Creatures with only levels in an NPC class or who have a single hit die of humanoid cannot make use of Kanohi masks, though when wearing one, they can still sense that the mask is magical.

A Kanohi mask is effectively a Lesser Magical Item in terms of pricing (4000gp). They can be made with an appropriate Craft check like a lesser magic item.

Any Save DC's are calculated by default as 10+1/2level+highest mental ability.

Hau: The Mask of Shielding grants it's wearer a +1/3 levels deflection bonus to AC that doesn't apply if the wielder is flatfooted. As a standard action, the wielder can create a Resilient Sphere centered on themself that lasts until the beginning of their next turn.
Kaukau: The Mask of Water Breathing grants it's wearer the ability to breathe water. Nuva: The wearer does not need to breathe.
Miru: The Mask of Levitation allows it's wearer to duplicate the effects of Levitation at will, at a caster level equal to their character level/CR. Nuva: The wearer gains a fly speed equal to twice their land speed.
Kakama: The Mask of Speed grants it's wielder a +10 bonus to speed per level. The wearer may run at 10 times their speed indefinitely (in any move speed). Nuva: The wearer instead gains a +20 bonus to their speed per level. The wearer may run at 100 times their speed indefinitely. Additionally, they may vibrate their molecules to phase through solid material with a hardness less than their own level. However they must end their movement in open space or else they are bounced back to where they entered and suffer 5d6 damage and are stunned for 1 round.
Pakari: The Mask of Strength grants it's weilder a +1/3 levels (round up) bonus to their strength score. They also gain powerful build, being treated as 1 size category larger may wield weapons designed for a creature of this size without penalty. They are treated as larger for the purposes of everything except ability scores, natural armor and reach. They are also treated as a quadruped for the purposes of carry capacity. They suffer no reduction in speed for carrying a medium or heavy load. Nuva: The wearer is treated as 1 size category larger per 5 levels (round up) for the purposes of powerful build.
Akaku: The Mask of X-Ray Vision allows its wearer the ability to see into and through solid matter on command. Vision range is 20 feet, with the viewer seeing as if he were looking at something in normal light even if there is no illumination. X-ray vision can penetrate 1 foot of stone, 1 inch of common metal, or up to 3 feet of wood or dirt. Thicker substances or a thin sheet of lead blocks the vision.
Huna: The Mask of Concealment allows it's wearer to duplicate the effects of Invisibility as supernatural ability as a standard action on themself only. Nuva: The wearer may duplicate Greater Invisibility.
Rau: The Mask of Translation grant's it's wearer the constant effect of Tongues and Comprehend Languages. Nuva: The wearer is under a constant Speak with Animals and Speak with Plants.
Mahiki: The Mask of Illusion grants it's wearer Minor Image and Disguise Self at will as supernatural abilities. Nuva: They gain mirror image as well.
Komau: The Mask of Mind Control grant's it's wearer Suggestion at will as a Supernatural Ability. Nuva: The wearer gains dominate monster, at will, but may only have 1 dominated target at a time.
Ruru: The Mask of Night Vision grant's it's wearer the ability to see in any kind of darkness as easily as daylight (even magical darkness). Nuva: The wearer automatically disbelieves any shadow illusion as per true seeing, and regardless is immune to any harmful effects from them.
Matutu: The Mask of Telekinisis grant's it's wearer Telekinisis at will as a supernatural ability save that they may not perform the violent thrust option.
Calix: The Mask of Fate allow's it's wearer to reroll any die roll they make 1/minute. Nuva: They may perform this once per round.
Elda: The Mask of Detection grant's it's wearer Blindsense out to 30ft. Nuva: The wearer gains Blindsight out to 60ft.
Suletu: The Mask of Telepathy grant's it's wearer Telepathy out to medium range. Nuva: The wearer gains telepathy out to twice long range.
Sanok: The Mask of Accuracy doubles any range increments of the wearer and halves any penalties for firing out to those ranges. Nuva: The wearer may reroll any ranged attack that misses once.
Iden: The Mask of Spirit allows it's wearer to project their spirit from their body. Their body becomes helpless. Their spirit appears on the Ethereal Plane and may not leave the Border Ethereal. They can move a maximum 1 mile per 2 levels (round up) away from their body, though the wearer may effectively Greater Teleport throughout this area. Their spirit form may not attack, use any elemental or other mask powers, or take any standard actions. Ending this effect is a free action. If their spirit form is slain, they are immediately forced back into their body and wake up exhausted and sickened for 1 hour. If their body is slain, they die. Nuva: The wearer may take 1 specific standard action. By touching a creature while in spirit form they may attempt to possess them, (against an unwilling creature who is aware of the wearers presence a melee touch is required). A will save negates this, and prevents them from being affected by this particular Iden mask for 24 hours. This can affect mindless creatures, creatures without souls, and constructs. Mindless creatures and constructs without an Int score do not receive a save for this ability. While possessing a creature, the only actions that can be taken are Control and Depart.
Arthron: The Mask of Sonar improves it's wearers listen skill by +1/3 levels (round up) enhancement bonus. They also suffer a -1 penalty per 100 feet of distance instead of 10.
Faxon: The Mask of Kindred grant's it's wearer specific abilities depending on their environment. Jungle/Forest: The wearer gains a brachiation speed equal to their land speed. Aquatic: Gain's a swim speed equal to their land speed. Underground: Darkvision out to 60ft. Desert: Fire Resist 10 Arctic: Cold Resist 10, Plains/Fields: +10 to move speed.
Zatth: The Mask of Summoning grants it's wearer the ability to use Summon Nature's Ally I at will, but only to summon animals. Every 2 levels after first the Summoning increases by a level. All summons have a minimum duration of 1 minute, though the effect cannot be used again until current summon ends.
Garai: The Mask of Gravity grant's it's wearer the ability to manipulate gravity out to close range, creating the effects of Light or Heavy gravity. Every 3 levels past first the wearer may increase the intensity by one step.
Volitak: The Mask of Stealth improves it's wearers Hide and Move Silently skills by a +1/3 levels (round up) enhancement bonus. Nuva: The wearer gains total concealment in areas of dim illumination or less. Against creatures with darkvision, they still have 20% concealment.
Tryna: The Mask of Reanimation allows it's wearer to use Animate Dead as a supernatural ability at will. Normal control limits apply. Nuva: The wearer may use Create Undead and Create Greater Undead as well.
Jutlin: The Mask of Corruption allows the wearer to duplicate the effects of Rusting Grasp at will as a supernatural ability. Nuva: The wearer may use disintegration with a melee touch as a supernatural ability.
Avsa: The Mask of Hunger allows the wearer to drain the strength from a designated creature within close range. The creature must make a fort save. If it fails, they take 1d6 strength damage, and the wearer gains this strength for 1 minute per level. Their bonus to strength from this ability cannot rise higher than +10 (though they can still keep draining). Nuva: Any creature who suffers strength damage suffers the effects of Crushing Despair and is Staggered until the damage is healed.
Felnas: The Mask of Disruption can interfere with the wearers enemies abilities. By making a melee touch attack, the wearer may activate one of the targets magical abilites, making them cast a spell, activate a power, or use a supernatural or spell-like ability or similar that the target can use as a standard action or less. The wearer decides any parameters and decisions about the usage of this ability (targeting, selections the ability makes, variations of the ability availiable, ect). A will save negates this effect. Nuva: This ability can be used out to close range.
Shelek: The Mask of Silence allows the wearer to make a creature within close range muted rendering them deaf and/or incapable of making any sound for as long as they concentrate. They may also create a Silence effect at will. Nuva: The Muting effect goes out to medium range and may instead last for 1 round/level, however, they receive a will save to negate the effect in this case.
Pekhui: The Mask of Diminishing allows the wearer to shrink 1 size category per 5 levels (round up) as a standard action.
Clairvoyance: The Mask of Clairvoyance allows the wearer to use Augury at will as a supernatural ability. Nuva: The wearer may use Divination at will.
Khulasi: The Mask of Quick-Travel allows the wearer to teleport anywhere within 100feet and line of sight as a standard action. Nuva: Teleporting becomes a move action.
Growth: The Mask of Growth allows the wearer to grow 1 size category per 10 levels (round up) as a standard action. Nuva: The wearer can grow 1 size category per 5 levels (round up).
Kiril: The Mask of Regeneration allows the wearer to use Mending and Make Whole at will as supernatural abilites.. Nuva: Make Whole can affect up to 200 cubic feet per level.
Rode: The Mask of Truth allows the wearer to use Discern Lies and Zone of Truth at will as supernatural abilities. Nuva: The wearer is under a constant True Seeing effect.
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